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Doubling Your Conversions = Doubling Your Revenue

An integrated digital marketing strategy gives a foundation to all key marketing activities online and helps businesses grow. Digital marketing is essential in today’s world, and with both competitors and potential customers constantly online, it makes even more sense to integrate a comprehensive and working digital marketing strategy into existing marketing models.

A lot of focus needs to be placed on the traffic that flows into your website, and more importantly, how many of them actually convert into customers. This is where the system of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes into the picture. CRO is a system that helps increase the percentage of visitors on a website that convert into customers, or take any desired action the webpage.

Conversion Rate depicted as a percentage is normally calculated by number of “Target Actions” divided by the total number of unique visits to the pages. A “Target Action” is any action which is intended to be performed by a user. It can be a newsletter subscription , buying an item(e-commerce) or simply filling up an enquiry form(B2B).

Most websites hit an average conversion rate about 1%, which means that out of every 100 people who visit the website, only 1 converts into a customer. Conversion Rate Optimisation focuses on the remaining 99 people who did not want to become potential customers for various reasons. Their needs are analysed and changed according to collected data to ensure that the major chunk of your visitors end up being your customers.

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